Isn't it time you launched
a site you love?


You're ready to change things up, ready to make an impact, ready to step up in your business and start sharing your talents with the world.

But there's just one thing that doesn't quite feel right.


You've fallen out of love with your website. 

Every time someone asks to see your website you shrink with resistance.

You make excuses about the state of disarray it's in.

You jeopardise the discovery call.

You lost the client.



Because you know your site doesn't truly reflect who you are and isn't attracting your dreamiest clients to you!


what if you could build a site that truly reflected who you are and what you do?


What if it doesn't have to take months of pain-staking late nights, trying to work out tricky technology?


what if it didn't cost you thousands of dollars of your hard earned money to create?


Well darling, I'm here to tell you -  all of that is totally doable!!!

Let's go on a journey together...
Imagine that you've connected with your dreamiest client ever. 

You hit it off, they're super excited to work with you and you're thrilled to be helping them on their journey.

But then comes the question you've been dreading:
"Can you direct me to the packages on your website?"


You cringe at the thought of them scrolling through your site; a site that just doesn't look and feel like you.


Or perhaps you're yet to even build your online home, so you fumble around trying to find somewhere to send them.

Don't worry, I've heard it all before
And let me tell you something - 
I've even been there myself!


That's why we created Square Kit Designs
so that you can...


Build a site that looks and feels like you and start attracting your dream clients


Understand the technology, and feel supported to update and manage your site moving forward



Square Kit Designs


This is your step-by-step guide to designing and launching a professional looking website that you absolutely love, within a budget you can afford.


It's the solution to getting you online and getting hired by your dreamiest clients.


It's your number one marketing tool to build your list, launch your services and sell your products.


It's all our knowledge, packaged up in a neat little delivery, sent directly to your (virtual) doorstep.

The Designs...

Every fortnight between March 9 and May 18 we're launching a new-look design, that could be your next website.



Foodies Heaven [Squarespace] Toolkit

Hey there foodie! Want to showcase your culinary talents, build your list and get hired? Walk this way...


Feminine Charm [Squarespace] Toolkit

This feminine design is perfect for the #Girlboss who's ready to up-level her brand and be taken seriously

E.D.I.T. [Squarespace] Toolkit

This stylish and minimalist toolkit is perfect for the editor in you - make your content shine.

MON [Squarespace] Toolkit

With it's Californian inspired edginess, the Mon toolkit is bound to have you launching in style (in no time!)


Here's How It Works...


Use your professionally designed Photoshop files to customise and create your own branded graphics. Think blog post images, homepage graphics and page banners.



Customise your Squarespace template using our step-by-step video tutorials, to build a professional looking website (just like the template)



Add your content, blog posts and shop items.



Share your brand-spanking-new website with your tribe and celebrate in style!

What's Included?

In each of our square kit design toolkits you'll find:

  • Photoshop Files to help you make your brand come alive
    We'll show you exactly  how to customise each of our professionally designed Photoshop files, so even if you're a beginner, you can create a beautiful looking website!
  • Over 15 video tutorials stepping you through each step of the process from designing your images in Photoshop to building your site on Squarespace.

PLUS, YOU'LL get these extra special bonuses:

  • Our Ultimate Guide to Finding Feminine Styled Stock Photos (to really up-level your brand)
  • Our Ultimate Guide to Finding Your New Logo (plenty of options for creating your logo on a budget)

But the best part? You'll learn everything you need to know to:

  • Setup up a Strategic Site map, one that will grow with you and your business
  • Create & customise as many pages as you wish to, ensuring you can cover all your bases without needing to reach out for a designer/developer's help
  • Create & implement a cohesive brand style guide (even if you haven't got a logo yet!)
  • Create a beautiful, eye-catching Homepage that draws your dream clients further into your business
  • Add products to build your online shop, and start making money online!
  • Design beautifully branded blog images, ones that are truly Pinterest worthy
  • Linking your mailchimp & social media accounts to your Squarespace website, so you're optimising the touch points you interact with your tribe on
  • Create Cover Pages to share your opt-ins and a Coming Soon page to gather leads before you've even launched your new site!


You could spend thousands hiring a designer and developer. 

You could spend months trying to figure it all out on your own.

Or you could get started, and launch in less than a week.

All with a Square Kit Designs Toolkit.


Ready to Get Started on your new website?